Using Whistle Calculator

Run Whistle Calculator: Whistle Calculator can be run in either of two modes - as an applet embedded in a web  page, or as a stand-alone Java application.
Select the notes: You can select the notes that the holes in the whistle make.   You are not limited to a major scale, or a particular temperament.
Some basic dimensions: Define the size of the pipe you will use, ansd the size of the window.
Choose your calculation: There are several algorithms/variants that you can choose between.
Choose your hole sizes: Choose the size of the holes.
Examine your whistle: Your whistle appears at the bottom of the page.  You can zoom, and rotate it should you wish.
Play your whistle: I wish.  If anyone could code this little bit for me I would be very grateful.
Loading and saving whistles: You can load and save whistles using the file menu.

File Format Changes